We design for sport and recreation.

Our services are dedicated to sports brands, manufacturers of sports equipment,

as well as institutions and an array of market players who promote sports as a lifestyle.


We have recently designed for: surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, sports in the city


Physical culture is both the activity of the body as well as an approach to living life.

We are interested in how the functioning of an individual can affect the activities of societies.

Physical culture extends from daily sports to the extreme ones, from tourism to rehabilitation.

We design for all sports at all levels, whether amateur or professional, close collaboration is our practice’s core approach.

Users have a tangible impact on the final outcome through their design input at the crowdsourcing stage of the design process.

The design we practice is geared towards individuals, manufacturers and an array of market players who promote sport as a lifestyle.


Depending on your needs, we are happy to engage in collaboration at any stage of the design and production processes described below:

1. Brief

We can work with you on the preparation of a brief. We can work from a ready brief to deliver a project based on it.

2. Research & Concept

We base our projects on broad research (including specialist advice from experts in the field of sociology, psychology and market research), strong concepts, teamwork, and a close collaboration with users - customer satisfaction is the key value. We relish the challenge of experimental design concepts.

4. Project

Our passionate and dedicated team will pay attention to every detail, and aim to respond to all your design needs, including:
- design of sport and recreational equipment and spaces
- design of your company's visual identity, graphics for sport equipment and packaging
- design based on input from multiple individuals through crowdsourcing.

5. Prototype

Testing the projects at an early stage is as important as verification of the final design. We prototype using CNC technologies including 3d printing, as well as fabricating low cost mockups. Each project is consulted with users at numerous stages, some of which include crowdsourcing.

6. Supervision

We supervise prototyping and the process of implementation into production, aiming to resolve any challenges that can arise during this particular stage. We offer our broad experience in the use of varied established technologies, alongside utilising innovative design methods.

7. Manufacture

We can help you not only with the design process, but also by researching potential manufacturers for fabrication. The wide network of manufacturers we work with offers multiple opportunities to our clients. We are actively engaging with those at the forefront of innovative and sustainable production, whilst also supporting traditional manufacturing methods.