Body and Fiction – dance platform

scope of work

Dance space concept + Design + Construction


Maria Zimpel - dance, choreography, concept CSW Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej


Anna Nowokuńska



Contemporary Dance
About This Project

We were invited by choreographer and dancer Maria Zimpel to collaborate on the development process of her work “Body and Fiction”. The result of our collaboration is a designed performance space – a curved platform that directly corresponds with the choreography of the performance. The choreography of the performance imposes platform boundaries, whilst the platform provides a particular, curved space for the movement to develop. As one of the viewers described “the design value of this platform is best understood by imagining the choreography without it … It is simply an inseparable part of this choreography.” The platform is covered with a special coating which ensures smoothness and safety of movement. The design is modular, therefore the platform is easy to store and transport. We have also designed dance wear for this performance.