Pragopunktura – regeneration concept

scope of work

Research + Concept

Pragopunktura team members

 Dorota Kabała, Krystian Kwieciński, Maciej Siuda, Jadwiga Zimpel

client / partners

SARP and City of Warsaw


Pragopunktura team


Praga Północ 2014 SARP contest



Outdoor / Gym & fitness / Social
About This Project

We were part of a team chosen by SARP (Polish Architects Association) to work on an urban and social concept for Praga Północ district in Warsaw. Project Pragopunktura includes four strategies for development and regenaration of the area, and one of the strategies is sport in the city. The concept includes creating recreational spaces for the community that are adequate to the conditions and characteristics of the district. The result of the project is utilised by The Warsaw City Council as a basis to create the complete strategy for the regeneration of the Praga Północ district.