scope of work

Avalanche vest design


AEROSIZE Sp. z o.o.


Courtesy of AEROSIZE, TOPO Visuals Adam Brandys


Have a look at the article on the AEROSIZE website and an article on designboom.



About This Project

We were invited by AEROSIZE to collaborate on the development process of their innovation – avalanche vest that contains AEROSIZE’s patented hybrid airbag system. When designing for AEROSIZE, we experienced once again the importance of safety in sports equipment. That is why we combined the distinctive style and visibility as the most important visual features of Vest ONE. We know the importance of technical parameters in sports equipment. They were also necessary for TÜV SÜD certification. That is why when choosing materials to be used in the vest we were verifying whether they ensure safety, reliability, compactness, and lightness. We realized that compliance with the principles of sustainable development is a big challenge for the industry. Especially for such technical products as AEROSIZE Vest ONE. Therefore, we closely keep an eye on textile manufacturers in the industry and know the ones that keep up with the current and future trends, such as Eco‑Conscious, Implementing Sustainability, or New Materials.