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Product Research & Development + Design + Prototyping + Laboratory Testing

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Fjord Nansen


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Outdoor clothing



About This Project

A pioneering knitwear line made of 93% linen, with added elastane, for warm and hot days; for lovers of natural fabrics that maintain a durable, sporty character.
We care about sustainability and appreciate natural fibers. This is the reason why we encouraged Fjord Nansen to implement the new, sustainable approach by introducing outdoor and sportswear made of this natual Linen Stretch fabric.
For outings, training and post-workout, every day. Thanks to the analysis of the properties of the fabric and the choice of the right yarn composition, the garment has technical qualities but also benefits from the natural, renewable raw materials. Very breathable, on a hot day it allows the wind to cool the skin. The linen helps to relax muscles during physical activity and has an antibacterial effect. Ideal for trips where washing is not possible, it stays fresh much longer than other knitwear, including cotton and synthetics.
The Chilo line is part of an Overnord collection. Overnord is a reflection of Fjord Nansen’s Nordic inspirations: “We come from the north of Poland, and it is here that we find many traces, such as in old local names, of our cultures crossing paths in the past. Perhaps this is where our northern elements, nature and exploration comes from? Our passion is not only reserved for long journeys. What is unknown and wild can be explored on a daily basis, spontaneously and close to home. For us, it embodies being “wild at heart”.” Fjord Nansen Team
The collection meets the needs of people with different preferences in terms of function, ergonomics, design and body shape. The multi-functional character of the line makes it suitable for intensive sports, training in various disciplines, as well as for recreational trips, camping, hiking or commuting to work by bike. The collection was designed and made in Poland, in cooperation with a professional design studio, using functional knitted fabrics with special parameters, carefully selected for each product. The properties of the new collection have been tested in a laboratory and in the field by our active team and brand ambassadors. In designing Overnord clothing, we have kept sustainability in mind when choosing materials, ensuring durability while working to reduce and manage production waste.